Friday, February 15, 2019

After finishing my project I decided to sew some scrunchies. This week I sewed 6
scrunchies with all different fabrics which I absolutely love. My teacher found a new
embroidery machine which I decided to try out. It was so cool because you don't
have to do anything except for selecting the design you want. I embroidered my
initials on a piece of fabric. -Lara

a scrunchy i made this week

So after I had finished my project on the romper,  I had started to make scrunchies
for the first time. I had made 7 scrunchies, and they were all different fabrics, this was
a small little fun project to do. My friend Lara had taught me how to make them, and
I just find them really fun to make. First I get the fabric, then I sewed the two ends
together, and then I had sewed both of the other ends, and I had put elastic and sewed it
together, and it turned out really good. -Iyanna

Friday, February 8, 2019

The Finishing Touches

This week I finished my sew cool in school project. It was so cool getting to see my romper
coming together. When I first started I thought it was going to look so bad because all I saw
was random pieces of fabric that I had to sew together. I love the finished product and I'm
so excited to start wearing it. For next week with the extra fabric that I have im going to try
to make a couple of scrunchies that would match my romper. - Lara

This project has been really fun to make, the finished product turned out great. The last
thing I had to do this week was attach the shirt and the bottoms together, and I had to
put elastic on the hip. I thought that this finished product was going to turn out really
horrible because this was my first time actually making a outfit piece. I am so glad I
got this over with because doing the elastic was the hardest part, I would always
get mad. But I made it through this project and I am so glad, I am actually surprised
that I made an actual outfit. ~Iyanna

Friday, February 1, 2019

It's been great seeing my romper come together after a lot of hard work and seam ripping. This week I worked on finishing my pants. I had some trouble with the sizing because they were really big so i had to resew the bottom to make it a little smaller. I sewed the top to the bottoms and tried it on to see how it fits. The last thing i need to do is put the elastic in. I'm so excited to be done and see the finished product. -Lara
by giphy

my romper before adding the elastic to the waist

So, so far I have been working on the bottom part of my romper and it has been really confusing and
complicating. I have also done the pockets and putting the pockets in was really interesting, it took some
time, I also had to seam rip a lot of times. The top part of my top looks so big and the bottom part, but
making it smaller will solve the problem. Doing the elastic was the hardest part out of all of the project,
it came apart when I was doing the top and I had got so mad. This project so far has been really fun to
make and I can’t wait to see how this turns out. -Iyanna

By: Quilters Stash Box

Friday, January 25, 2019

This week we continued working on our projects. I sewed the sleeves to my
top which looks really good now. I had some struggles trying to get the elastic
through the top and while doing that some of my stitches ripped so i had to stitch
that again. It's been great watching everyone work on their projects especially
Harrison because our projects our similar but different at the same time.

I started sewing the bottom part of the romper. The first step was sewing the sides
together and then i had to sew the middle part. When i finished it didn't look like
pants which got me very confused but after a while i figured out how it's supposed
to look. It looks so good so far and i can't wait to finish working on it and see the final
result. -Lara

This week was really fun, we did more of out project. We finally knew how to put our sleeves on our shirt by itself, although it was kind of hard. But what we had to do first was we had to sew the shirt together, so what we did was we sewed the edges of the shirt and left the arm sleeves open so that we could sew our sleeves on next. After we had did all of that, we saw it and the shirt looked so big.

What I am on now is putting the elastic on my shirt, so that it could make ruffles. But it is taking me forever to do this, and it is kind of hard getting the elastic in there. But in the outcome I think that it will be worth it. I have been on it for 3 days, but I think that it will turn out cute. I can't wait to see how it turns out. -Iyanna 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Sew Cool In School project

About a week ago we started our “sewcoolinschool” projects and I’m working on making a romper. The first thing I did was buy my fabric and the fabric I picked is a light blue gingham pattern. I really like the fabric and was so excited to start it.
woman standing in front of displayed yarn rolls

We started off with pinning our patterns to the fabric and cutting them. The cutting was the hardest part because the fabric kept moving and it was hard to try to cut it perfect. The first thing I started sewing were the sleeves. The sleeves of my romper are supposed to have ruffles on them which was a little hard to manage to make the ruffles and try to size it to the arm holes at the same time. I just finished working on the arms and the next part for me is the top part of the romper. - Lara

Last week we had started our “schooliscool” project, and I have decided to make a romper, I had just thought it would be fun to make. This first step that I did was I had picked my fabric the pattern is a flower pattern, with a lot of different colors. I really thought that this would be a good pattern to make my romper because I love flowers. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

We started off by pinning our fabric to our patterns and had to make the triangles that were on the pattern sheet. The next step we had to do was cut our fabric out just like the pattern, although it was somewhat hard. The next step in our process is that we had started sewing, we had started sewing the arms and the ruffles that go with the arms, we had a hard time but we ended up figuring it out. - Iyanna

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Recently, we created tote bags in our fashion class!

Before we had started sewing we had to pick out our fabric. We measured and cut out our fabric for the outside of the bag. We sewed our two outer fabrics together and then we used an edge stitch to sew the two sides together. We faced some problems like sewing the wrong side with the right side. We had to seam rip and start over on some parts of the project.

We were very excited to make our first big project. We thought it was going to be challenging but it was semi easy. We picked our inner fabric and sewed the two sides together. We sewed and cut the edges of the inner fabric. We ironed the pieces so that it made it easier to put them together.

The last part was putting the straps and sewing the whole thing together. We had another problem with that where we had to seam rip again. We edge stitched the three edges together and we left a hole at the top so that we could flip it to the right side. When it was flipped we ironed it again and then we were DONE! It was a very fun experiment and it wasn't as hard as we expected it to be.

closeup photo of gray and black electric sewing machine