Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Recently, we created tote bags in our fashion class!

Before we had started sewing we had to pick out our fabric. We measured and cut out our fabric for the outside of the bag. We sewed our two outer fabrics together and then we used an edge stitch to sew the two sides together. We faced some problems like sewing the wrong side with the right side. We had to seam rip and start over on some parts of the project.

We were very excited to make our first big project. We thought it was going to be challenging but it was semi easy. We picked our inner fabric and sewed the two sides together. We sewed and cut the edges of the inner fabric. We ironed the pieces so that it made it easier to put them together.

The last part was putting the straps and sewing the whole thing together. We had another problem with that where we had to seam rip again. We edge stitched the three edges together and we left a hole at the top so that we could flip it to the right side. When it was flipped we ironed it again and then we were DONE! It was a very fun experiment and it wasn't as hard as we expected it to be.

closeup photo of gray and black electric sewing machine

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  1. I saw your bags and they looked great! Hoping that you get a lot of use out of your project!! :)