Friday, January 18, 2019

Sew Cool In School project

About a week ago we started our “sewcoolinschool” projects and I’m working on making a romper. The first thing I did was buy my fabric and the fabric I picked is a light blue gingham pattern. I really like the fabric and was so excited to start it.
woman standing in front of displayed yarn rolls

We started off with pinning our patterns to the fabric and cutting them. The cutting was the hardest part because the fabric kept moving and it was hard to try to cut it perfect. The first thing I started sewing were the sleeves. The sleeves of my romper are supposed to have ruffles on them which was a little hard to manage to make the ruffles and try to size it to the arm holes at the same time. I just finished working on the arms and the next part for me is the top part of the romper. - Lara

Last week we had started our “schooliscool” project, and I have decided to make a romper, I had just thought it would be fun to make. This first step that I did was I had picked my fabric the pattern is a flower pattern, with a lot of different colors. I really thought that this would be a good pattern to make my romper because I love flowers. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

We started off by pinning our fabric to our patterns and had to make the triangles that were on the pattern sheet. The next step we had to do was cut our fabric out just like the pattern, although it was somewhat hard. The next step in our process is that we had started sewing, we had started sewing the arms and the ruffles that go with the arms, we had a hard time but we ended up figuring it out. - Iyanna

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