Friday, February 15, 2019

After finishing my project I decided to sew some scrunchies. This week I sewed 6
scrunchies with all different fabrics which I absolutely love. My teacher found a new
embroidery machine which I decided to try out. It was so cool because you don't
have to do anything except for selecting the design you want. I embroidered my
initials on a piece of fabric. -Lara

a scrunchy i made this week

So after I had finished my project on the romper,  I had started to make scrunchies
for the first time. I had made 7 scrunchies, and they were all different fabrics, this was
a small little fun project to do. My friend Lara had taught me how to make them, and
I just find them really fun to make. First I get the fabric, then I sewed the two ends
together, and then I had sewed both of the other ends, and I had put elastic and sewed it
together, and it turned out really good. -Iyanna

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