Friday, February 8, 2019

The Finishing Touches

This week I finished my sew cool in school project. It was so cool getting to see my romper
coming together. When I first started I thought it was going to look so bad because all I saw
was random pieces of fabric that I had to sew together. I love the finished product and I'm
so excited to start wearing it. For next week with the extra fabric that I have im going to try
to make a couple of scrunchies that would match my romper. - Lara

This project has been really fun to make, the finished product turned out great. The last
thing I had to do this week was attach the shirt and the bottoms together, and I had to
put elastic on the hip. I thought that this finished product was going to turn out really
horrible because this was my first time actually making a outfit piece. I am so glad I
got this over with because doing the elastic was the hardest part, I would always
get mad. But I made it through this project and I am so glad, I am actually surprised
that I made an actual outfit. ~Iyanna

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